Habit handtied hair extensions


the Habit handtied extension method is
the safest, most versatile, and customizable
extension method on the market today.



What are natural beaded row handtied hair extensions?
Natural beaded or “braided” row (NBR) hair extensions is a curtain system that acts as an anchor
for the extension hair and “Habit handtied” is the method used to secure the hair extensions.

I am certified in habit handtied hair extensions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is it for?

Anyone seeking more volume or length: To add brighter color, hair that won't grow, damaged hair. Hand tied extension can help with all of that.

Is it safe?

This is the safest hair extension method on the market. With minimal points of contact and ZERO heat, glue, bonds, or tape.

How much?

Depends on what you need but the average 2 row will cost $1,600 (includes hair). There is an option for 1 row which is less costly but will only give you volume.

How longs does it take?

4 hours for a new set of (2 row) extensions.
(with a color service 6 hours) 1 row usually takes 2 hours to install.

How much is maintenance?

A 2 row tightening will be $175 for the first row with additional rows at $100. Includes a dry style. This should take 2 hours.

How long in-between services?

5-8 weeks depending on your hair type & how much you wash, exercise, ect.

Will this damage my hair?

I do believe any type of extension can be damaging. This method is the least damaging due to less points of contact with the hair.

How long is the hair good for?

Up to 6-8 months. I have seen it go longer with proper care.

Why do I need it?

That’s easy -your worth it!


Base pricing

All pricing is based on how much hair is needed.

  • 2 row install, including hair starts at $1,600 & requires 3-4 hours

  • 1 row install, including hair starts $800 & requires 2 hours

    Color is a separate charge depending on what is needed for your desired look & budget.

  • 2 rows maintenance $275 & 2 hours

  • 1 row maintenance $175 & 1 hour

    Maintenance includes dry style

Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions Lake Mary Florida

Want to learn how to do the habit handtied hair extension method?

Shadow me:

Shadow beaded or braided row hair extensions

  • Shadowing this service is $100 an hour.

Take the Class:

  • As off now I am working on putting together a 2 series class on beaded row, braided row extensions. Using hand tied hair.

  • My class can fit 5-7 people

  • on request will travel to you.